ONE-STOP Total Service

EV Charging Infrastructure

Future Preparations through Chaevi in Advance

DaeYoung Chaevi Corp. has constructed infrastructure for EV charging on the basis of 38 year experiences of producing machine tools and we put priorities on customer value with green growth.

To the Infrastructure beyond Products

From the development of smart moving system which can use parking space effectively without searching for chargers in the designated area as a charger itself moves toward EV to the development of 1 to 4 charging system which is able to charge up to 4 vehicles at once, DaeYoung Chaevi Corp. has been building a more convenient future by constructing charging infrastructure as well as developing chargers.

DaeYoung Chaevi Corp. promises to meet products through customers.

We have met customers through products up to now.
However, we promise to meet products through customers.




Customer Value Creation

DaeYoung Chaevi Corp. will be positioned as a leader of EV charger market and try our best to create customer value with best quality and product development that Customers can satisfy.